CoursePress Pro

CoursePress Pro is a premium plugin which is used for elearning management system.
From this you can easily sell or share tutorials, videos, courses, documentations, online couses, file sharing, training videos, quizzes and more.

WordPress CoursePress Pro Plugin

e-learning for WordPress has never been this easy with CoursePress Pro Plugin.
It is also highly beneficial for setting up online courses as well as offline courses by way of LMS with audio, video and quiz elements.
In addition, you can easily manage student work, sell university courses and school courses and a whole lot more.


EducationPress is based on the famous CoursePress Pro plugin from WPMUDev. Coursepress Pro is a premium plugin ($228 value) but with EducationPress theme, you can get it for FREE. With this plugin you can easily create elegant courses using WordPress and nothing else. With EducationPress theme You can build text courses, video-driven courses, share audio, create quizzes, allow users to upload and download and join the community. It can be useful to create a course, invite students and even promote them based on their skill.

EducationPress theme documentation contains detailed information on how our themes can be configured with CoursePress Pro. You can use the one-click demo installation to quickly get started with educationpress theme.

WordPress CoursePress Pro Plugin


CoursePress have the capabilty to offer & assign course for free, or sell access to your lessons, video, courses and materials with simple e-Commerce integration. You can apply and use any of the 13+ payment gateways available with MarketPress to begin selling courses easily and quickly.

Truly, the best way for you to create, sell and handle online courses is through an innovative COURSEPRESS PRO Plugin. CoursePress also just made it faster and simpler for others to create WordPress courses. Just like a professional, it does not have any course limitation! You can obtain limitless course creation and allows you to do everything, from marketing, assessment and reporting to grading and student and instructor management. Everything you are looking for a comprehensive Learning Management System is here.

Manage Courses
Like a Pro

CoursePro Plugin is definitely a learning management system intended to meet the needs of the education sector. It also made it possible to present them with a unique and elegant interface. It is also the most complete solution when it comes to sharing your experience and selling your online courses.

The use of WordPress CoursePress Pro Plugin allows you to further deliver online courses with such a great interactivity like assessments, questions, chat and forums. All of these functionalities are provided prior to the installation of WordPress plugin but without the services of 3rd parties. Managing online learning is not that easy and fast. But with WordPress CoursePress Pro Plugin, you will be able to share and sell your courses with your students the effective way possible.

CoursePress Pro Plugin

Easily create, promote and
sell your knowledge with CoursePress Pro.

  • Easy Online Learning
  • Flexible Style
  • Media and Interactive Learning
  • MarketPress & WooCommerce
  • Reminders & Notifications
  • More Ways to Moderate
CoursePress Pro Download

Simple and Easy to Setup

The one thing interesting in Wordpress CoursePress Pro Plugin is that it is simple and easy to set up. Just right after creating a course, adding it to your website is also done easier and faster. Even the news could be released with promotions or invitations. There are also widgets and short-codes offered to be used in WordPress themes.

Apart from it, there are excellent features on a Coursepress Pro download such as live chat integration, compatibility with WooCommerce and MarketPress, Compatibility with thirteen various payment gateways. Paid and free settings are also even more available.

Since Coursepress Wordpress plugin backed by course management features, the more that WordPress CoursePress Pro Plugin is useable. Among its excellent features are as follows; manual reporting, manual grading, marking assessments, automatic reporting, automatic grading, tracking of progress among students, teacher and student management and a whole lot more.

There is no way that you will never like WordPress CoursePress Pro Plugin as it is completely customizable. It also works well with a theme and it has lots of widgets and short-codes. It is bombarded with lots of features like course teasers, complete video integration, quiz download and upload, interactive discussion board, live chat integration, promotional videos, signup forms and popup login forms, amazing theme, instructor name shown in URL, market Press integration and custom slug structure.

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